Use of OpenWrt logo on YouTube videos?

Is it allowed to use the OpenWrt logo in Youtube videos on OpenWrt tutorials?
I am referring to this particular file

The licensing is on the page you linked to. To me it seems like you're allowed to use it, as long as you do not pretend to be representing OpenWrt? Or claim any affiliation beyond being a mere community member (to my knowledge you're not on the developer team e.g.).

Will it be acceptable if we give an attribute to the source on the Youtube video description? Yes, I am not a developer, just a community member.

There is more information here:

I would be dumbfounded if any OpenWrt representative were to object to you using the OpenWrt logo on an OpenWrt tutorial video.

I came up with some alternative logos here:

Given observations that OpenWrt is not always used on wireless routers or even routers at all. But OpenWrt is so well-recognised nowadays it surely hardly matters.

@flygarn12 came up with 'Open Networking Technology' which is quite cool in that is has a three letter acronym.


@tmomas do I need to contact OpenWrt by email and send the video or mere attribution in the Youtube description is enough?

The page linked above should have all information needed,especially

In case of doubt, see

When in doubt about the use of OpenWrt trademarks, or to request permission for uses not allowed by this policy, please send an email to


I think, in the case of Youtube 2 and 4 apply

  1. Your intended use qualifies as nominative fair use of the OpenWrt trademarks, i.e., merely identifying that you are talking about OpenWrt in a text, without suggesting sponsorship or endorsement.
  2. You can use OpenWrt trademarks to describe OpenWrt in articles, titles or blog posts.

here is the video in Question.