The OpenWrt Firmware Selector

I tried it with attendedsysupgrade, but isnt working. *1 for support that app. :+1::sun_with_face:

Looks good. Would be good to also add the 18.06 releases in the drop down. The 19.XX releases break our music server playback so we can not update (Music streaming (LMS) buffers with 19.07.1)

18.06.x is no longer supported, as explicitly declared in its latest release notes.


Thanks for again raising the issue. This will be addressed.

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Nice work! One issue:

No model found!

The R6230 uses the same firmware as the R6220. Would be great to handle that.

That would need to be updated in OpenWrt:

This would need to get added:


Did you try or did you set it up locally?
Since I do not test that feature on a regular basis, there might be some bugs sometimes. But the server might have also a headache in some cases. @aparcar might like to know in that case. :slight_smile:

This sounds like an interesting feature. But it is not easy to implement.

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Are you pulling data from the ToH? If so, shouldn't that tell if a device only has master support e.g.?

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I think the problem here is that the firmware selector is not updated in sync with the snapshot builds.

We need to update the selector after each new snapshot build. Let's see what can done.

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The data for the firmware selector is created by OpenWrt:
Global build settings ---> [*] Create JSON info files per build image.
(from make menuconfig)

OpenWrt now can output JSON files with information about the vendor, model name and variant, packages, image names, sha256 data. This has been a long going effort:

I tried to use the TOH data before and have put some effort into it. But it ended up a mess because the data quality was not good enough and it would require constant work to keep it up to date. With OpenWrt it can be generated automatically now.

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Yes, that information is available. But the data for each release is in a separate json file and it also does not fit the current way the code is structured. That said, it would be definitely possible to implement.

Yes, I tried, but 19.07.5 isnt there yet.

Partial JSON data for 18.06 is available. But it is not for me to decide.
For now it is here:

Clicking the logo should always take the user to a home page, Logo is not linked right now.

Like @slh said it's EOL. So offering it through an accessible tool like this will just widen the audience that says 'I'm sticking with 18.06.' That's the opposite of what you want.

The selector JSON data is updated every 8 hours, this could explain the offset. We're working on a better solution that instantly updates the information.

Please send a patch to upstream.

This is a problem with upstream rather than the firmware selector. I'll try to get my proposed changes merged.

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From the wiki site:

The R6230 is most likely internally identical to the R6220. OpenWrt installation has been achieved by treating the device as an R6220. Although success has been achieved on two units, the R6230 is not officially supported. 


So that addition would probably not be accepted.