Snapshot update issue

Hi folks,

I use a custom build (snapshot) from master. Because of the fragattacks issue I would like to update the "kmod-mac80211" package.
Updating in Luci throws, as expected, an error because of the different kernel versions:

The installed version of package kernel is not compatible, require 5.4.117-1-8f031b17… while 5.4.110-1-f38e8e17… is installed.

So what to do? Force the upgrade with the following:

opkg install kmod-mac80211 --force-depends

or is it too risky? Better to compile a new image? (I guess Luci will not let me just press "install", but haven't tried...)

Does the configuration backup (made from Luci) sticks to the kernel version or will the new image accept it?

gen a new image and flash keeping config, or you can save / restore your backup.

Too risky to force the update? Do you think it will break something?

I would not force a kmod, but it may work. But, I do not see the point, one of the main reasons for generating you own image is to just flash a complete new image when circumstances dictate an update.


OK, I listen to you... will gen a new one! Well, the only reason for me to use a custom image is the upper usb port issue on the PineA64..
Thank you for the help!

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