Router for MATE ROV (underwater robot) shore controls box


I am the president of the Cabrillo College robotics club in Santa Cruz, California.
We have a robot that competes in the MATE ROV underwater robotics competition.
We are using ros and a raspberry pi on the robot and an ethernet cable in the tether and then we have a router on the surface and a laptop for the rqt interface.
we won the 2022 competition in the pioneer class.
because of our win people are giving us money and I want to improve our controller setup with some of that.

our mess of cables and devices took too long to setup and we got a setup time penalty.
for the 2023 competition we are building a shore controller into a rifle case
two monitors in the lid with a bezel laser cut in the school maker space.
for the bottom of the case we will have
a 12v psu
a 5v psu
a single board computer (pi or jetson, or other, haven't decided yet)
and a router
our bezel for the bottom will have panel mount connectors
a iec-c13 for power in to the power supplies
an ethernet connector of some kind for the tether (probably a bulgin connector since they are sponsoring us)
ethernet and power jacks for secondary laptops for development and debug

I need help finding the router to put in there

router requirements:
openwrt (duh)
1gig ethernet (1 wan 4 lan minimum but more is better)
2.4 and 5ghz wifi (we use one for client to steal wifi from venue and one for ap for additional monitors
mpcie slot or m.2 slot for an epo6a or em06a (cellular for when we cant steal venue wifi)
accepts 12v or 5v input

if there was a mikrotik hap with a mpcie slot and has openwrt support that would be perfect for us but that doesnt exist

is there anything with a similar footprint to a hap that has cellular as well?

(arm for the soc would be nice but not required)

let me know if you have any ideas for a router that would work for us to embed in our controls box

Was going to suggest sw301da / sw302da, but the prices are crazy high,
I bought a couple for less than $25/pcs a year ago.

Comes with three mPCIe slots, and has a SIM slot.

Unfortunately only three ports, but a network switch is cheap.

You could also try the Roqos RC150,
comes with all the ports you need, cellular modem, and AC wireless.