Optimized build for the D-Link DIR-860L

So here is a test build with kernel 5.10 and the latest mt76, r12649.
Boots up fine on my mir3g, speeds seem fine but of course this has not been extensive testing. Flash at your own risk.

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Installed over r15365 overclocked build, with keeping settings flag activated: it boots on DIR-860L, after 2 days uptime seems to work well with a normal use.
This week I hope to have time to make some performances tests and logs checks.


Is it still working fine?
I tried installing but I got warning about 1.1 version was not the same as 1.0, and it did not install for me.

After 2 weeks of intensive use (work during the day, torrenting during the night) the build is stable and fast for me.
Unfortunately I didn't find the time for some benchmarks and tomorrow I will left the country for few months.

Tested it some time now too, can only agre that for my usescases its solid.
15 wireless clients, 10 wired, torrenting, gaming, no hickups yet.

I was a bit afraid during upgrade though, since it seems the new port implementation requires you to drop your config, but it turned out to be much ado about nothing.


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It seems that the WIFI vulnerabilities Fragattacks discovered yesterday have been already patched on Openwrt!


Hope to see also an optimized build with the newest patches :wink:

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Snapshot of May 13 contains a fix of one of the vulnerabilities from mt76 driver.


Tomorrow, there will be a new build :slight_smile:


Yay, today is tomorrow! =)

The untested new build can be downloaded here, r16725.

Please do not flash this in a production environment since this build is not tested. If you do flash it, know how to restore your router to a working state.

So with that caveat out of the way, what is new? Patches for FragAttack included, the latest and greatest MT76 driver and of course the famous upstream changes :slight_smile:


what kernel is this running?

It is running 5.10


Build has been stable for me so far after one day running it on my mir3g. How does it run on the trusty dir860l?

Have not had time to try it yet, and the other 5.10 is super stable for me. Will update when the transition goes down.

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I am using official build with my 860L, which is stable yet only with Linux 5.4.x kernel.

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Not sure why your post got flagged since it is a good question. Might be because some people consider it off-topic?

Anyways, just fired of a fresh build. Let's see if it breaks for me :slight_smile:

Edit: build completed for me. Might be a hiccup in the buildbot. Should resume soon.

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New untested build here, r16855. Keep in mind that this is untested, so always backup your config and know how to restore your router.

What is inside? Upstream changes, most notably an updated MT76 driver, interesting commits for hostapd and an update for the ethernet switch.


@Bartvz No Sysupgrade file for r16855 in the drive folder?

Should be fixed now!

Be cautious upgrading if you're using WPA2 Enterprise, there's regression due to the hostapd upgrading which would render WPA2 Enterprise not be able get authenticated from Radius server.