OpenWrt Monitoring From External Device

Hello, first of all i would like to apologize if this has been asked before or if i posted this in the wrong place, but im pretty new to openwrt, and Ive recently gotten the netgear WAX202 and flashed a snapshot of openwrt on it, currently using the version OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r20266-cf110404e3.

The issue that im having is i want to monitor primarily bandwidth usage per ip and store it so that i can preview it at a latter date, primarily daily statistics. This would include things like current up/down speed, total traffic up/down for wan and for lan. The issue is that the wax202 does not have an usb port, so i cannot use anything that only allows writing to local storage. Im wondering if there is anything that would allow me to monitor my router using my raspberry pi server that is running on debian. Ive tried snmpd (and mini_snmpd) but when i try to get data from them with glances, its just a blank page, no data or anything. Ive tried Netdata as well but couldnt figure out if its possible to have it store data on my Pi, and ive tried bandwidthd but it just shows a blank page. Is there any way for me to achieve monitoring via my pi or to monitor with the wax202 but to store data on my pi? Thanks in advance and once again im sorry if this has been asked before, i just tried looking everywhere and couldnt find anything.

If the problem is writing to local storage, you can setup an NFS server on the Pi and have OpenWrt send there the output.


Thanks, that was a useful thing i didnt think of.

Netflow is an industry-standard technique for monitoring which computers send data to what other computers.

It requires a router acting as an exporter that sends ("exports") data to a collector that saves the data and displays it.

The softflowd package makes an OpenWrt router act as an exporter.

There are bunch of different Netflow collector programs. I wrote a blog article a while back about them.

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