OpenWrt 18.06.9 final service release


The OpenWrt Community is proud to announce the ninth service release of the stable OpenWrt 18.06 series. OpenWrt 18.06.9 brings security fixes, as well as the usual device support fixes and core components update.

End of support for OpenWrt 18.06: This release is the final one for OpenWrt 18.06. You should consider upgrading to a newer version (OpenWrt 19.07 or later)

The main highlights of this service release are:

Security fixes

Note: security fixes for most packages can also be applied by upgrading only the affected packages on running devices, without the need for a full firmware upgrade. This can be done with opkg update; opkg upgrade the_package_name or through the LuCI web interface.

Nevertheless, we encourage all users to upgrade their devices to OpenWrt 18.06.9 or a newer major release whenever possible.

Bug fixes

  • libubox: Fix regression that could cause procd to fail to start or restart some services. This is especially visible as it broke LuCI when upgrading from older 18.06.X releases
  • musl: fix locking synchronization bug
  • kernel: backport out-of-memory fix for non-Ethernet devices
  • firewall: fix TCP MSS clamping that was only applied on one direction

Device support

  • brcm63xx: fix BCM6348/BCM6358 hangs while booting
  • ipq40xx: fix essedma MAC hang by disabling TCP segmentation offload for IPv6
  • ramips: fix USB detection on all rt305x devices
  • mikrotik: add support for the new ath9k caldata encoding (LZO) found in newer hardware revisions
  • Various fixes for ZyXEL Keenetic, ZyXEL NBG6616, TP-Link Archer C60 v1/v2, GL.iNet GL-AR750S, Embedded Wireless Dorin, Pirelli A226M-FWB, Arduino Yun

Core components update

  • Linux kernel updated from 4.9.214 to 4.9.243 and from 4.14.171 to 4.14.206
  • mbedtls updated from 2.16.4 to 2.16.8
  • wireguard updated from 0.0.20190601 to 1.0.20200611

Additional notes

Full release notes and upgrade instructions are available, as well as a detailed list of all changes since 18.06.8.

To download a OpenWrt 18.06.9 firmware image for your device, navigate directly in the list of firmware images.

Finally, we have a new mailing list for important announcements and security advisories. Announcements should also be posted to this forum section.

As always, a big thank you goes to all our active package maintainers, testers, documenters, and supporters.

Have fun!

The OpenWrt Community


I'm wondered that why Archer C20 V5 is not in that list for both 18.06. and 19.07 and someone should compile it

Support for the TP-Link Archer C20 v5 has only been added to master in january 2020, way after openwrt-18.06 or openwrt-19.07 had been branched off. This device will be part of the next major OpenWrt release (20.xy.0, respectively 21.xy.0 at this point), but won't be backported to older service releases.


Appreciate that :pray:

This release on ar71 seems to have the luci bug where if you're on the overview screen the load average starts climbing rapidly. Bug does not exist at this level in previous versions of 18.06

LuCI for 18.06 is still being somewhat updated, so if you can track down which openwrt-luci commit is causing trouble, maybe something could be done about it. That does mean you need to compile the luci packages from source, though.

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The Download-Link for TL-WR841ND Version/Model V9 on the page

points to V8

instead of V9

Could you please fix the Link.

Thank and best Regards,

Done. (FTR: I didn't update any manual links, just the v9 datentry.)

I have removed the links in the manually created table, since they are shown below in the datatable already.

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The good old a5-v11 shows that it only supports 17.xx on the toh despite their is a 18.06.9 release for it.

It is even capable of running 19.x fine (yes 4/32 :ghost:) but makes only sense with extroot setup or a bigger spi flash.