Kong pro firmware for IPQ806x (R7500, R7800, EA8500, ...)

Hello ,
I have been trying to install Kong's latest firmware for my R7800 . The firmware loads up but the wifi seems to be disabled on my router . Only my power and lan led lit up and nothing else seems to work .

I install the firmware through a tftp client and it goes through successfully. I dont know why this keeps happening or is there an installation step i keep missing out on.

Please help me.

Wifi is disabled by default on standard OpenWrt, it may be the same on Kongs builds, ssh in, navigate to /etc/config/wirelesss and set option disabled to 0.


Kong made an open wrt build already?

I'm having problems with the most recent Kong build (2/09), it's having stability problems on the wifi channels, throughput is low and is bouncing around. I had to revert to Kongs 1/31 build to get the wifi stability back. Anyone else seeing this behavior on the 2/9 build?

With regard to the radio's, the radios are off by default until you turn on the radios in the network section after you configure the radios.

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MAC clone also does not work, although apparently that's a LUCI bug that's been around for 1-2 years.

@Bensam123, welcome to the community!

Did you actually read that thread?

I do enjoy going around in circles with people who are being overly pedantic, but not really worth my time. Kong makes OpenWRT builds, there isn't a singular place to post about those builds. This thread is called "Kong pro firmware for R7800". I have a R7800 and kong-pro. So instead of making a bunch of threads and dribbling them all over the forums, I decided to take part in a thread that is open to more then one issue ergo the title.

So It's not a bug with the UI, it's not a bug with WRT, and Kong definitely can't fix it because he's dumb and definitely doesn't make builds aimed at certain hardware, so who should I address this to or do you think the UI not modifying the correct files isn't a issue?

The MAC clone issue is a known ui limitation.

I figured, Kong tends to be more tailored to certain hardware so I thought I would bring it up again as he might be interested in fixing it sooner. That post is relatively old as well, so it's been around for awhile. I need it for my application and it's a deal breaker without it, as I'm certain for most people, even though there is a workaround.

If you're interested in his specific builds: https://www.desipro.de/openwrt/19.07/

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The R7800 has a button on the top to turn the WiFi on. 2nd in from the far right.

Dont understand?
On the back?
Never seen that .
Just 2 behind, the power and the one for light on /off

Sorry, you are right. I thought it was just a light as the others .

I pushed on that button and nothing happened.
I thought the wifi would be disabled

The LEDs on the top front. Far right 2 are also buttons. Press firmly on 2nd one in and WiFi will come up after a few seconds on Open WRT as you will be able to see from the WiFi LEDs. Other button is for WPS I think.

On my r7800 i have ddwrt and nothing happens.

As far as I am aware, DD-WRT enables WiFi by default.

What LEDs are lit and are they flashing? Did you try reset to defaults?

(To reset to defaults, power up unit first, then press pin into reset hole on rear and wait until Power light flashes red, then remove and wait for it to reboot.)

ok I understand now, you mean the wifi light on the right enable the radio wifi in open wrt when we have a fresh installation? but once wifi is up, the button does not work to on-off?

n OpenWRT, the WiFi button works to turn WiFi on / off at anytime.

WiFi is off by default in a fresh installation of OpenWRT

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is it possible to reach kong here?