How to run poe on switch zyxel-gs1900-8hp-v2?

So i use ipk package from @Borromini Support for RTL838x based managed switches - #2018 by Borromini and installed the packages lua lua-rs232 libubus-lua libubox-lua
version is OpenWrt 22.03.0 stable
What is missing?

root@zyxel-gs1900-8-v2:~# cat /etc/config/poe 
config global
        option budget   '65'

config port
        option enable   '1'
        option id       '1'
        option name     'lan2'
        option poe_plus '1'
        option priority '2'
root@zyxel-gs1900-8-v2:~# ubus call poe info
        "firmware": "v80.1",
        "budget": 70.000000,
        "consumption": 0.000000,
        "ports": {
                "lan2": {
                        "priority": 2,
                        "mode": "PoE+",
                        "status": "Searching"

Does that image have the official realtek-poe package installed (how old is the image)?

It seems to be totally malfunctioning anyway at basic level because it doesn’t even read poe budget from config file since it say 70W and that was a bug a very long time ago!?

If right package is installed and working you just connect a poe device to the port and it works PnP.

official realtek-poe package is not supported in openwrt 22.03 stable

What poe package do you use now then because the code you shared is realtek-poe code?