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Linksys RE6500 need help recompiling for bigger flash chip
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D-Team Newifi D2 (Newifi3) Firmware upgrade to 21.02
USB Drive support in 21.02
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Enthusiast OpenWrt device for 1000mbps link speed
Strange issue, firewall rules?
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Linksys WRT3200ACM (BT Full Fibre broadband)
Bricked Xiaomi Mi Router 4A (MIR4A) 100M international version
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Ntpd is only used by the client, the time update interval?
Linksys EA6500 getting very hot
[Suggestion] Sticky Indicating How To Apply For Wiki Account
Very, very bricked D-Link DIR-645 A1
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How to rebase a pull request into Trunk?
Mwlwifi and kernel 5.10
Port forwards does not work
TL-MR6400 v5 can't start built in modem
Batman (in production with post 19.07 snapshot) not working under 21.02
TP-Link Archer C7 v4, WPA key not saved
Xiaomi AX3600 Installation Doubts
PPPoE not advertising IPv6 in br-lan in OpenWrt 21.02-RC1
Cannot update YouHua WR1200JS to 21.02-rc2
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VLAN not working
21.02.0 on GL-AR750S
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OpenWrt installation on RPi 4
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IPv6 and port forward not working
Log specific rejected traffic
Where is my switch? and what are lan1 and lan2?
OpenVPN snapshot dsa rt3200 e8450
OpenWrt installation on D-link DGS-1210-16
Why can't I install openwrt on hard disk?
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[SOLVED] Please HELP! I'm pulling my brain out!
Isolate Wifi client not working
NTP server and client in same router
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Update the local repo
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Hi,I want to create a script for monitor internet connectivity
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Router WE1826-5g
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Executing scripts at boot time
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Kernel_menuconfig "Bus support" opens wrong page
ERROR MESSAGE lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:426:
Utilizing Wireguard as a tunnel to access lan and tunnel internet traffic
FritzBox 4020 FTP install doesn't work
Uncorrectable ECC error
OpenWrt 19.07.5 ssh-login as root
Blank Putty session on serial port connection with CP2102
LEDE 17.01.5, 1.0.28 with modem Huawei ME909s-120P V2
Error using sysupgrade in console
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Image Builder for ar71xx tiny build
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Pingcheck or something
Opkg upgrade error - Read-only file system
Raspberry pi 4 setup and application questions
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[Solved]4G usb cannot connect
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Is Breed Bootloader "author" hackpascal a Mediatek dev?
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First thing I try failed
IPv6 - create subnet for command-line interface
Using precompiled toolchain
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Need help unbricking my TP-Link Archer A7 V5
Where is mkimage set?
Create OpenWrt partition layout for an sd card in a Pi 4
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OPENVPN Protocol
Tp-link mr-3020 bricked
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Separate network is using LAN dns?
Need help configuring rpi4b
Partial loss of connectivity to raspberry pi devices
Determine WAN DHCP Server and restrict via firewall rule
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R6260 [Beginner] Installation
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Gateway setting for managed switch [solved]
No internet connection to ISP through DHCP on my Xiaomi AC2100
[Solved] R7800 back to stock firmware with linux
Sercomm h500-s bricked
Added a zone, and now IPv6 is not working right
(help) mac address change... device problem with two same mac addresses
Unable to set up wireguard interface
[Solved] No access to RPi3+ / eth0 gets no IP
[Solved] No Internet connection and no acces on my Redmi AC2100
SSH router Redmi ax6 ?¿
[Solved] Help with creating new Vlan
Unable to set up a dumb AP
Openvpn server with home web server port forwarding
Best way to isolate all interfaces from each other
OpenWrt 19.07.5 UBIFS file system read-only after power cut
[Solved] D-Link DIR-878 snapshot wifi issues
[Solved] Repurposing a Samknows TL-WR1043ND v1.10
Tp link archer c7 v5 can not access GUI DynDns problem
Integrate pfsense into my OpenWrt managed network
Failed to mount USB stick on router
How do I configure wan on my edge router x?
Luci will not install on 19.07.5 - Kernel dependency issue
[SOLVED] Formatting a Disk
Vpn client on seperate wifi network, no vpn on the other
[Solved] Using unbound along with vpn-policy-based-routing
Using cron on OpenWrt
Static IP same host in different networks
(SOLVED) Problems with VPN Bypass
How to force Lan IPv6 clients to use Pihole's IPv6 eth0 IP address
Autostart openvpn
FritzBox 4040, openwrt 19.07.5
[Solved] Disconnect existing connection at a given time
Setting Up openwrt router behind ISP router avoiding NAT
DHCP port 67 68 and DNS port 53 firewall rules
TP-Link Archer c2600 v1.0 - Snapshot builds boot looping
D-Link DIR-2660 backporting issues
OpenWrt on Raspberry - WLAN Access Point route over tun0 (VPN)
Installing OpenWrt on fresh WRT32X
Docker-ce missing in repository on "snapshots"
Xiaomi R4AC - Problems installing OpenWrt
Can I change procd's stop signal?
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Xmail and PHPXmail
Linksys EA8300 revert to stock
Arm64 (armvirt64) uefi (efi) OpenWrt target
[netgear wndr3700] bridge between pppoe and wifi
Install packages in OpenWrt[Solved]
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OpenWrt installation on Netgear ex6150 v2
[Solved] Does openwrt auto update?
How to stop “reloading firewall due to ifup of modem”
Routing traffic through wireguard on OpenWrt
Raspberry PI4 with build wulfy23, config internet key and vpn
WR940N-V6-EU installed official firmware 18.06.9, removed some packages but free space become smaller
[Solved] Terrible performance on EdgeRouter X with SQM enabled (3 Mbps)
Can I install OpenWrt using Raspberry Pi Imager?
Can I ignore -opkg errors from package manager?
[Solved] OpenWrt raspberry pi4 and network settings
Strange behavior in port forwarding
ZBT WE1226 OpenWrt firmware on ZBT WE1688, soft brick
Making documentation accessible to all
[Solved] Using/Setting VPN PPtP
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NetGear R6220 bandwith limitation issue
Iptables reports no wan traffic
VLAN firewall rules for X86 with 2 NICs
Question for Modem/Bridge and general
EAP225-Wall recovery
Opkg update is not possible (failed to download and wrong signature file)
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OpenWrt will not install on Mikrotik RB760igs, tried everything
Opkg update download failed
Cannot get more than Fast Ethernet in a Gigabit port
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How to install This?
pfSense captive portal SSL mode
Firewall and two WAN
Continuous pinging without external ssh session
Max Active Connections Reached
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Firewall causing delay on Netgear R7800
[Solved] VLAN between Wifi and Lan Archer C7 v5
[Solved] Troubleshooting no IPv6 connectivity with SLAAC
Xiaomi Mi WiFi R3G switching from Padavan to OpenWrt
IPv6 issues for internal network
[Solved] OpenWrt installation on TP-Link Archer C2600 v1.1
[Solved] Simple network segmentation. why is it soooo hard for newcommers?
IPv6/v4 Firewall Traffic Rules
Edgerouter x 19.07.4 - Connection limited to 100 Mbit
Brick edgerouter x
[Solved] Problems configuring wireguard
Is relayd the correct setup for this situation? (IP camera)
Ping6: sendto: Permission denied
How to enable hyperthreading on MediaTek MT7621AT?
Using QOS in a variable way
Opkg doesn't install dependencies, or get configured
Help with configuration
Force Android phone to use local DNS for local domain name resolving
[Solved] Link two radios to one vlan? now to do it properly?
Poor WIFI speeds on ARCHER AC 1750 A7
Amber led on WRT3200ACM when VPN is down possible?
Install archer c7 v2
[SOLVED] How can I see denied / dropped packets by OpenWrt
Cisco DPC-EPC3208 VoIP Cable Modem - Changing MAC Address and serial number
[Solved] 19.07.4 SSH interface "unspecified" by default
Tl-wa901nd V4 build request OpenWrt 19.07
[Solved] No more static IP on Ethernet
[Solved] Power outage... password no longer works [Solved]
Cannot compile crda for 10.03.1
Problem in connecting PPPOE Wan in WR1043N
Installed Snapshot - now want to install luci how to I get internet on openwrt device
OpenWrt don’t allow android's samba server /w unusual ports while stock firmware allow
Ap wds? client wds? bridge? how to?
One more Kick at a ZBT WG3526
Block ip range from wan
Tp link archer c5 v2 ac1200
HooToo HT-TM01 - How to flash Stock Firmware?
DD-WRT WDS Station to OpenWrt WDS Client
Router IP for forwarded connections + IPv6 problem
No internet on Lan but ok on wireless
Netgear R7800 cannot upgrade packages (only 0kB available)
[Solved] Opkg Update: 404 WGET Returned 1 For Mt7628
[Solved] Creating VLAN interfaces
IPv6 packets on WAN are not forwarded/routed to the client
Determine version of tp-link tl-mr6400
Recommendation for NO-wifi NO-NAT router manageable from all sides
Who can help? Im confused on button
[Solved] Set custom MAC on ath79 target
[Solved] Remove packages while overlayfs is mounted read-only
Router for gaming
How to download complete snapshot for 2 architectures
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite and OpenWrt
Umdns fails to start
[Solved] Hi! im new noovi sorry :( but have a stupid problem
Openmptcp on raspberry pi4 with ethernet dead
Stutter movemment in game with SQM
[Solved] 5GHz strategy for channel separation: to DFS or not
Unable to send email from mailsend
Luci-app-qos and "Number of bytes"
Archer C7 5GHz performance, sirq 99%
BATADV (mesh) the best decision?
Problems Mounting an External Drive
[Solved] Quick question (breed stuff)
[Solved] No or private or invalid IP,given! Please check your configuration,No update send to DDNS Provider
Just upgraded from Lede to OpenWRT, ipsec interfaces gone
[solved] Chain dscp mark [solved]
Options for speeding up powerline transfer rates
[Solved] OpenVPN - Create OVPN file for the second user
Snapshots-kmods: Raspberry Pi 4, USB Ethernet rj45
TP-Link RE200 v3 - luci problem
Adblock not working as expected
[Solved] Get that message when i restart iptables: "Warning: Unable to locate ipset utility, disabling ipset support"
Dovado tiny-ac
Can OpenWrt 19.07.3 Router be used with Spectrum Cable modem?
Support for TP-Link CPE210 V3.20
[Solved] Realtime Graphs -> Connections not displaying rDNS when machine is not the primary DNS server?
Wireguard on OpenWrt 19.07.3
PPPoE not detecing line
[Solved] Ash Command Language Reference
Xiaomi Redmi AC2100 and 5GHz networks
Sysupgrade writes kernel to wrong address (Easybox 803)
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[Solved] WireGuard Handshake Initiation failed
Upgrade failed (UBNT-ERX from 18.06.1)
[Solved] Upgrade issues for WRT1900ACS
[Solved] Vpn-policy-routing help pls, ive been searching here and trial and error for hours
[Solved] Not sure why one of my computer inside my lan received a lot of ssh connexion attempt from ports not allowed
How I have to configure my DHCP?
Nat Type 3 Problems
[solved] Openers vulnerability Drovolub
Help configuring DNS?
Mesh point encryption
Cannot save open configuration / changes
After tftp recovery on Netgear R7800 no web interface
Clonemac for WAN Script doesn't want to work
OpenWrt build number
TD-W8970b dsl still be down
No internet on ethernet ports / Slow transfer rates
Updating dependencies
Delay when writing to USB drive via Samba
Problem flashing the Xiaomi Redmi Router AC2100
Wireless WAN on TP-LInk RE450 a device with only one LAN [Solved]
[Solved] HG556A - Using OpenWrt to connect to indirect ADSL
Medion md 86587 not booting
[Solved] Archer C7 v5 and VPN configuration
[Solved] Dlink Dir842 C2 - luci installing problem
[Solved] Imagebuilder procd dependencies errors
Help with Technicolor DGA2232
VPN PBR + Port Forwarding
WiFi security flaw?
Mwan3 router itself and stunnel
[Solved-ish] Replug ethernet everyday?
WIFI down, while ethernet is still up Archer C7 v2
RAVpower Filehub AC-750 does not install luci in terminal
DHCP settings are ignored
No internet connection. set up network. help!
LTE not working on Totolink LR1200
Port forwarding / network topology & bridge mode [Solved]
Installing Meraki MR18 with JTAG and OpenOCD but cannot connect to OpenWRT Website
[Solved] How to refresh Internet connection if assigned private IP
Configure OpenVPN only on some LAN ports
TP-Link Archer C6-US: Install from GUI?
Init.d restart service on failure
Read, write to USB disk cache
Troubleshooting connection speeds - AT&T, Quectel EC25
Cross compiling: Cannot find -lmosquitto
Strongswan IPSEC tunnel UP , but can not ping from node to node
[Solved] Cannot active Samba, missing Services tab
[unsolved] About ipv6 NPT
R7500v2 Poor wifi range and slow down/up speeds
Access to right . com . cn
Wireguard Site-to-Site LAN access
Ipv6,, firewall basics
(Solved) Openwrt firmware for Dragino MS14-P?
Problems Installing OpenWrt on Ubiquiti AP AC PRO
[Solved] 802.1q VLAN Guest network DHCP problem
[Solved] Error when trying to make kernel_menuconfig
[Solved] Logger inserts an additional space after a variable when in an script
Ubiquiti UniFi-AC-MESH - Crashed Qualcomm Atheros QCA956X Driver
Filesystem is full
TD W8970 V1 traffic switch
No IP via DHCP until dnsmasq restart
Configure OpenVPN only on some LAN ports
OpenWrt can ping internet but clients cannot
Same Version, same HW, but one of them has `radio2`?
Running UCI command inside for loop
Read DS18B20 temperature
Debrick TPLink RE450 v1 UK
[Solved] Compiling NGINX without SSL support
[Solved] QoS question about ports
BT Modem (B-FOCus V-2FUb/r Rev.B) VG3503J - IP Connection - New Modem Firmware
[Solved] I can't connect to both pairs in WireGuard
Access to LAN hosts through different interfaces partially target router
[Solved-ish] Collectd-mod-exec: execute script as root
I need Help Wireguard+OpenVpn
Firewall not applying rules under LXC
How to override a package in feeds
Parental Controls on BT Home Hub
Https certificate help [solved]
[Solved] tun0 to LAN setup
Adjust DHCP settings
Set Proxy server automatically for clients
[Solved] TP-Link Archer C7 V5 Wi-Fi and Ethernet Disconnection after a few seconds
How to change DNS on Putty
Issue with RPI4 as wired router unable to connect to Internet
Installing OpenWrt on Fritz!Repeater 3000
[Solved]Phone can't visit windows smb folder
I can't find a specific Table of Hardware or something, has it changed?
Guest WI-FI Issue
TP-Link Archer C7 v4 5GHZ performance
[Solved] DAP-2610 Bricked - Help Needed
[Solved] Multiple VPN connections and routing (setup) issue
Firewall rule to route all connections via particular external IP
Wakeonlan package no longer available
ZYXEL NBG6817 or Netgear R7800
VLAN's: wlan has internet, wired doesn't(TP-Link C2600)
Wr840n v6.20 help to install OpenWrt
[solved]Openwrt static routes with vlan subnet
[Solved] How to cross compile c program for OpenWrt
[Solved] R7000 install from DD-WRT
[Solved] Setting up Wireguard IPv6 understanding IPs
Providing LAN based access to WiFi (for non-Wifi devices)
Prevent disk writes
TP-Link Archer C7 V2: Poor WiFi Performance
Tp-link w8980 bricked help
Installing nMap with script support
Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-M
Archer C7 v2 - Resetting Router To Stock OpenWrt
IPv6 IP address leak using policy-based routing
[SOLVED] Zyxel nbg6617 ports
Multiple static interface on same Physical Ethernet
[Solved] Is it possible to install librespeed Speed Test on OpenWrt?
Port-Forwarding not working properly
[Solved] Forward ipv6 to subnet
Passwordless ssh [SOLVED]
[Solved]: Requesting some minor edits for TOH DIR-810/TEW-810
Port forwarding questions
Cant access web gui after flashing WR1043ND
Problem to establish a connection with ISP Telekom
OpenWrt & Wireguard Site-to-Site
OpenWrt Microtik: No connectivity on eth1
[Solved] Comtrend CT-5621 flashing firmware issue
OpenVPN dual WAN failover
Beginner: Can't pass tro a Cable Modem
[Solved] Strange issue with luci login
Problem between vlans
[solved] DHCP on VLAN interfaces
Multiwan (mwan3) and two IPv6 (6in4) tunnels... is it possible?
Best equipment for long-distance 2.4 GHz link?
Replacement Router for 500Mbit WAN
Uninstall OpenWrt or LEDE on Linksys WRT32x
What is right configuration for wifi range extender? => SOLVED
Double etc connect between switch
[Solved] No internet when using Wi-Fi router to connect to existent Wi-Fi network
Building for the Mikrotik mAP lite RBmAPL-2nD rev2
Mikrotik map lite ver2 no wifi
File system and console differences
[Solved] Snmpd to listen only on LAN interface
[Solved] Luci shows Wireless "disabled" but tooltip "No signal" 19.7.2
OpenWrt 18 to OpenWrt 19
[Solved] `dos2unix` equivalent on OpenWrt?
Phone not listed as DHCP client
[SOLVED] Can't get kernel after sysupgrade
Organizing a mesh network on Raspberry Pi 4 in OpenWrt
[Solved] Help getting current ovpn setup running on OpenWrt
Failed installing mosquitto
WG client cannot query DNS running on
Changing from Squashfs to Ext4 - Sysupgrade possible?
Komikan - unable to connect
Access Internet after new installation
Sysupgrade automatic information via mailsend?
How can I reset my router after a bad '/etc/config/dhcp' change?
[solved] Crontab can't load script at reboot
[Solved] LAN ports work in OpenWrt, but not in OEM firmware - Linksys WRT1900AC
Unable to install luci-app-sqm (conflict between luci-base and luci-compat)
[Solved] Couldn’t assign I Address to vlan interface
Help required : Luci Upgraded to Death - How To Fix?
[Solved] SSH - Connection refused
[Solved] DHCP Server not Issuing Leases
[Solved] Transmission No space left on device error?
Help with BT Home Hub 5 and Virgin Media
No LAN-Access from wireguard client
[Solved] RPi 2B Package upgrade error, Can not boot
[Solved] DHCP not assigning set static IPs?
[Solved] Proper way to create VLANs on OpenWrt (?)
UPnP Clash With Duplicate Initial Port
uPnP/DLNA discovery issue on bridged WLAN
[Solved] Error installing luci-app-samba
Where to find old OpenWrt firmware versions
VDSL modem/router with VoIP capability
One to One Nat (static nat)
Whitelisting Source IPs while FORWARDing SSH
Redirect domain name request to tor network
No dhcp IP for guest wlan on dumb ap
LTE modem via QMI / WAN (Connects, without Internet)
[Solved] Error in zone logging
[Solved] Access Bridge Modem
[Solved] Setting up an OpenVPN server on my TP-Link Archer C7
[Solved] Is it safe to disable the vpn services/daemons?
Is there any packages mapping command from web and terminal?
Dnsmasq lease reservation question
Access Local Lan over Wireguard with WRT Router
How to migrate from PandoraBox to OpenWrt on Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini
Constant high and low speed peaks with torrents
TL-WR1043N/ND v1 Wifi keeps going down
PPPoE on WAN gets down randomly 19.07.2
New Home advice
[Solved] Problem accessing sites sometimes
uHTTPd is Downloading My PHP Script Instead of Executing it
Luci-app-nlbwmon no data in graphs
Re-transmitter has no IP address?
DHCP packet received on eth0.2 which has no address
R7800 Cant go back to stock Firmware
Internet working but opkg fail
Static route forwarding not working [Solved]
OpenVPN for Archer C50
Archer C60 v2 seems to be freezing when torrenting and sometimes randomly
Find IP address after „Apply unchecked“ [Solved]
TP-Link TL-WA801ND v5 Bricked after wrong install of OpenWrt
Espressobin V5 @ +19.02.1 & Samba 4 reboots on load
Best Router for OpenVPN Dual WAN
[Solved] Reg domain TX-power on R7800 (5GHz) vs dd-wrt
Can't connect wifi printer to Archer C7 [Solved]
Dumb AP Guide needs to be updated and OPKG not working
Tinyproxy with Transparent mode Help
OpenWrt 19.07.2 Can't find/install rrdtool on RPi 3B v1.2
Linksys WRT AC Series vs. Netgear R7800 vs. ZyXEL NBG6817
TP-Link TD-W8970 Bridge Mode
How to remove installed packages to save firmware space?
Package dependency warnings
Port Forward not working in 19.07.2?
Transparent Squid on different host
[Solved]Unable to setup wifi on openwrt 4.19.01 raspberry pi 4[Solved]
[SOLVED] OpenVPN Static Host resolve issue
[Solved] Vpn router problems
Cant install kmod-usb-storage - help please!
[Solved] New installation OpenWrt 19.07, firewall issues
[Solved] Setting topic to [Solved] breaks link
Keepalived setup - where to put config?
Wan6 - Unknown error (DEVICE_CLAIM_FAILED)
Mouting AP with 2 openwrt routers bridged (DumbAP)
[Solved] Netgear EX6150v2 stopped working after installing OpenWrt
Creating VLAN Issue
TL-WR841N v8 5GHz WiFi?
Archer C7 wifi config
Multiple IPv6 PD client. It is possible? [SOLVED]
VPN + PBR + FTP server
Please help me troubleshoot wireless repeater bridge configuration
DDNS problem How can I solve it?
OpenWrt AP not working with Android phone
[SOLVED] Xiaomi router 3G : ip lost! [SOLVED]
[Solved] OpenVPN unable to connect after reboot - firewall issue
[Solved] Can't modify config files
[Solved] Dependency error when installing Luci
LUCI Error after upgrade to r10949 or r10951: /etc/config/luci seems to be corrupt
Port forwarding not working (although ports are open)
Interfaces uptime
Issue with OpenVPN in OpenWrt <-> pfSense Setup
[Solved] WRT3200ACM VLAN multiroom
Connection returned : "Call failed"
ENS620EXT Firmware Upgrade System page only
Zyxel NBG6817 - random restarts
[Solved] Network client can't ping/connect to dumb router/switch
[Solved]After the upgrade of Openwrt 18.06 to 19.07 the VLANs on "switch0" bricked
19.07.2 upgrade, no https any more
[Solved] Package install issues with official 19.07.2
Error updating OPK Packages after update from 19.07.1 to 19.07.2
Second device not getting DNS entries from first device to show in Associated Stations
Openwrt 19.07.2 and 18.06.8 changelogs
DSL is UP but no internet
Windows 10 Network Connection Name
[Solved] Need trusted devices to communicate with untrusted IoT devices / separate network interfaces
[solved] Comfast E380AC V@ New install password not working [solved]
DNS queries not being forwarded between 2 private domains
[Solved] RB450Gx4 not assign dhcp address to clients
Xiaomi Router 3G (mir3g) with OpenWrt 19.07.1 IPv6 issue
[SOLVED] DNS / DHCP problem after 19.07 upgrade [SOLVED]
[Solved] Verify image integrity before sysupgrade
GL-MT300N-V2 as Wifi to Wifi Router
Help on how to run this script at startup
[SOLVED] Raspberry Pi 4 and TP-Link UE300 USB Ethernet dongle
Help with configuration : indentify the need
Help requested for NAT Loopback
How to reboot router when a string appears in the log
Simultaneous Wireguard Server and Mullvad Wireguard Client Setup?
[Solved] Dnydns for IPv4 and IPv6?
OpenVPN TAP configuration help [solved]
19.07.0 not working control power usb (wdr 3600)
Source Code 19.07.1
[SOLVED] A8300 ADD external antena for 2.4GHz?
Armor Z2 Luci Hangs on Overview and Wireless Screens
Port forwarding for ssh
[Solved] KERNEL_ENTRY and TP-Link devices?
Ath79: No public image for WDR3500?
Openwrt Firmware to TP-Link Archer ac750 C20 v5
CPE210 v 3. flash OpenWrt possible?
Install OpenWrt on an Ubiquiti Nanostation ac loco
Installing OpenWrt 19.07.0 on Netgear R6220
RPI4B: can't install luci [solved]
[solved] Command for scheduled reboot
Using "Save mtdblock contents" to clone a unit
[Solved] New R7800 gets progressively unusable
[Solved]WRT1900ACS-v2 (EU) not responding after upgrade to 19.07.0
[SOLVED] Beginner: Installing 19.07 on Netgear R6260
Noob needs help with ExpressVPN openvpn
OpenWrt 19.07.0 / WRT32X / hostapd 2.9 -> usable?
[Solved] Nighthawk R7500v2 How to increase free flash area similar to the R7800
Phicomm FIR300M running OpenWrt 14 - can't login or failsafe?
How to scp to transfer file by sshpass
Wifi Client Bridging to Lan is Slow
Set default-route on 18.06.5
Tar extract tar.gz not excluding files from extraction
Restarting single wireless interface
[Solved] Unable to access LUCI after installing OpenWrt on ASUS RT N56U
OpenWrt & Wireguard - No Access to Internal IPs
Plusnet F@st 2704n: Changed LAN IP and Disabled DHCP. Now can't access it and can't enter failsafe mode or reset
[SOLVED] W504V can't enter admin mode - it's too fast
[Solved] Dnscrypt-proxy leaks traffic also on port 53
[Solved] TV stream by my provider Orange
[SOLVED] R6220 Problem upgrading from V19.07rc1 to rc2
[SOLVED]COMPEX WPJ563 installation factory.bin missing
[Solved] No package 'libconfig' found
[Solved] OpenWrt SDK minimal for building packages only
Mikrotik RB951Ui-2HnD
Engenius eap1300 - flashing process
[Solved] Opkg and Signature check
Cloning Archer C7v5 configuration (18.06.1 and 18.06.5)
[Solved] Tp-link c59v2 powered by OpenWrt snapshot missing vlan
Cannot compile anymore OpenWrt, missing libcap but devel packages are installed
[Solved] 19.07 regression - LuCI not showing the 2nd IPv6 addresses?
[Solved] Ea8300 install
Can' t find Firmware OpenWrt Install for FRITZ!Box 7330
[Solved] OpenWrt Image Avahi service(s)
[Solved] How to generate a signature file and package index file for custom Repo
Red lamp is blinking after Installing OpenWrt on AVM 7362 SL
Ultimate SQM settings: Layer_cake + DSCP marks
[Solved] Wireguard bridge with lan
OpenWrt application lost permissions after ifup executed
[Solved] Enable Wi-Fi and Connect to a Network on First Boot
Extroot on 18.6 LEDE(solved)
[Solved] Can't ping IPv6 WAN from router
Snapshot image builder cannot reproduce the "off-the-shelf" image
[Solved] Cannot set up stand alone access point
Unbricking a TP-Link C2600
[Solved] Nfs-kernel-server missing kernel dependency
Setting up a dedicated VPN VLAN
[SOLVED] IPTV broken since a couple of days
[Solved] OpenVPN version issues
[Solved] WNDR3700v2 upgrading LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 -> 18.06.4
Slow samba/nfs read in OpenWrt stable/dev
Port forwarding lan to lan
Problem with openvpn on asus rt-ac85p
.config for specific build
Restricting internet on one radio and not the other
Help configuring a Wifi HDD
[Solved] No I2C device on MT7628
[Solved] Problem wiping a router
[Solved] Access Luci via hostname/domain name instead of IP
Image does not boot (RALINK RT5350F, 8Mbyte Flash, 32Mbyte RAM)
[Solved] Can't open luci after package update
Upnp opening Ports But Port Forwarding Is not Opening Ports
[Solved] I think I bricked my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X SFP, please help
[Solved] How to recover NBG6817 after sysupgrade not holding configuration no web interface
OpenVPN setup manual
Bug in installation guide Linksys wrt32x
Ran nand
FTP problem with OpenWrt 18.06.4
[Solved] Wrong flash size R5010UNv2
[Solved] Zyxel NBG6817 flashing from OEM
gl.Inet fl-b1300 won't boot with ethernet cables plugged in
[Solved] OpenVPN, lan connects over VPN but wireless does not
Forward to
[Solved] Upgrade killed my router?
[Solved] Auto-generate ULA Prefix on compiled firmware
CPE510 V3.8 - Need help, really bricked it this time
One IPv6 prefix per lan
[SOLVED] JBOOT recovery DLink_DWR-921 - ERROR
[Solved] Firewall traffic rule for dhcp doesn't work
[Solved] Need your help to revert TP-Link TD-W8968 v3 firmware
[Solved] Can't connect to router after installing OpenWrt
[Solved] Upgrading OpenWrt from CLI
TP-Link Archer c2600 running poorly from 21.02 and onwards
After setup no internet access and no connection between interfaces
[Solved]Mailsend (cant send a mail) Invalid login or password
Half Bridge Mode - WAN IP Passthrough
Alternate or multiple DHCP servers

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