HG8145V5 - OpenWrt Firmware Request

Please develop for HUAWEI HG8145V5



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Not possible, everything about Huawei is closed source.

Huawei ONT use in-house Hisilicon processors which have no upstream Linux support.

PD: I have Huawei EG8145V5 ONT from my ISP in bridge mode because stock firmware is featureless and a privacy threat (Huawei Cloud Services telemetry).

PD2: This Huawei ONT is also responsible for causing bufferbloat on my 100mbps line because ISP misconfigured them to enable a bandwidth rate limiter which queues packets like crazy.


Get in line..

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I don't understand why they not releasing the source code and stating it's based on Open Source, GPL

Because they're in China, and don't give a rats ass.


would be better if you took a job as a CTO, and demanded your suppliers to work with the open source community, when you did your RFPs.

I like the idea but I think you need a high volume of units to get cheaper prices from chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm or Mediatek.

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