Help translating OpenWrt's web interface

Hi all,
I added an instance of weblate which helps to conveniently translate the OpenWrt web interface. There are currently 27 languages to translate, if you speak more than one language, please join in and help translating!

Translation status


Will / are these translations officially used by the openwrt project?


They are, daily merged.


I see that when translating an App (e.g. DDNS), a string that I modify is "Enabled" and is also modified in all apps with that word to translate. I mean, in one App it means one thing and in another it means something else even if it is the same word in English. I don't know if it can be deactivated or dodged.

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Do you have one or more examples for this?

In the first image (DDNS) you can see that the word "Enabled", the desired translation is "Activar", but in luci-base (second image) it must be "Activado". I intended to translate only DDNS but apparently, other apps are also translated with the same word to translate that should not be modified, although in English it is the same word (and the system thinks they should be translated as well). I mean, the translation changes according to the context.

In this commit you can see.

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From what my Spanish skills are worth, Enabled should be Activado and Enable should be Activar. If there is an error in the PO templates please correct it there. I'm against having single words translated differently within the project, this likely causes us 26 times (for each language) trouble...


Ho ho, I just did a few (2%) for Hindi and oh boy, this is a non-trivial effort. Is there a way to setup reminders inside Weblate? I'd like to come back and keep at it. Thanks for posting this, happy to help when I can.


Sorry I don't know, what kind of reminders do you need?

I was just thinking out loud to be honest :slight_smile:
Is there an IRC channel or forum where translators collaborate? Or is this thread it?

I would like to confirm the accepted translation's of certain words before attempting more.
Similar to the "Activar"/"Activado" issue castillofrancodamian brought up.

I'll help spread the word as much as I can in the meantime.

That's not how languages work. Most languages have concepts covered by words, and, between European languages, there has been a lot of mixing and matching through intensive cultural contact (cross-pollination if you'd like), so there are, to the untrained eye, a lot of similarities. But they're often shallow and misleading.

That means e.g. language A can have one word cover a very broad set of meanings, whereas that same, related word in language B can just cover a narrow meaning and uses other, even etymologically, totally unrelated words for slightly different meanings. Context often plays an important role there.

The fact issues pop up only shows that English doesn't differentiate; it doesn't mean English is 'right'. Languages do similar or the same things in lots of different (but functionally identical) ways.

It might, but you'll confuse non-English speakers. That's even worse IMHO. When native speakers (even those mastering English well enough) look at text in their own language, they're not as quick to realise that particular bad translation might just be a one point where the original English text didn't differentiate. Nor should you expect them to.

I have no idea how other projects tackle this, but if there are semantic differences at play, you're effectively mistranslating.

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Hey. I'm translating to Weblate. I can't find a sentence to translate. Is this: "Upload has been cancelled" ui.js line 2311 in luci-static/resources/ui.js. I'm asking you to fix that sentence. Please add this to the Weblate.

English is just a single language in a single branch in the very diverse Indo-European language family, and there are other language families on the planet.
If other languages (currently 28) have to suffer because of a single decision based on the English language, then this translation project won't be any better than Chinese Google Translate-based OSDs, menus and web interfaces on various devices.

Also, I was thinking of translating into a language not currently on the list when I first saw this thread, but why would I put effort into something that will have the same result as putting the text into some translator because of decisions like this...


words of wisdom.

Is bi-directional, there will be instances where the english may need to change to accommodate more universal translation.

was it binary?

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Arabic Language not included, Will be possible to include it?

Hi, sure I'm happy to add it. There are multiple Arabic categories for new translations, which one would you suggest?

Arabic (Algeria) (ar_DZ)
Arabic (ar)
Arabic (ar_XB)
Arabic (Bahrain) (ar_BH)
Arabic (Egypt) (ar_EG)
Arabic (Kuwait) (ar_KW)
Arabic (Morocco) (ar_MA)
Arabic (Najdi) (ars)
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) (ar_SA)
Arabic (Yemen) (ar_YE)

Thx for your reply, Definitely the second ones which is general & not specific for a certain country / accent. All Arabic speakers will understand it easily.

Arabic (ar)

I added the language, please help translating those 7,072 words :slight_smile:

Hello, i m translated some part of french app. More work ...

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