DHCPv6 still activated as client device in wiki

If I open wiki OpenWrt as Client Device, it doesn't mention the step to deactivate DHCPv6 like you should do on the step 9 to configure OpenWrt as dump AP.

If I configure my device as client according to the guidelines of OpenWrt as Client Device and only uncheck "Disable DHCP for this interface" in Network → Interfaces → General Setup, and then restart my device, only dhcpv4 is disabled, but dhcpv6 is still served by my openwrt client device (here as access point), thus resulting multiple dhcpv6 servers are active in one network (served by my primary router and openwrt client devices/APs)

My dummy questions are:

  1. should the wiki page to configure openwrt as client device be updated to include the step to disable dhcpv6 like dumbAP config wiki?
  2. what would be the problem if there are multiple dhcpv6 servers in networks, as result of configuring openwrt "as client device" according to guidelines and thus let at least 2 or more dhcpv6 servers active (from primary router and APs)? conflicts, any other problems?

Maybe I would like to mention the last editor of that page if it would be a consideration also: @vgaetera