Could be down?


I'm setting up some devices and I am pretty sure that the repositories stored under are down right now.


Same here. In the middle of flashing a Xiaomi AX3200 and wanted to download xiaomi_redmi-router-ax6s-initramfs-recovery.itb Seems to be up, but opkg packages don't appear to failover to the other mirror.

Same here, trying to download firmware for a Meraki MR16, been trying for hours.

I'm having problems with opkg too. Errors seem to confirm that is down. opkg is not attempting any falback (on OpenWrt 21.02.3 )

is temporarily updating /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf to the following a bad idea? the signature checks pass...

#src/gz openwrt_core
#src/gz openwrt_base
#src/gz openwrt_luci
#src/gz openwrt_packages
#src/gz openwrt_routing 
#src/gz openwrt_telephony
src/gz openwrt_core
src/gz openwrt_base
src/gz openwrt_luci
src/gz openwrt_packages
src/gz openwrt_routing
src/gz openwrt_telephony 
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I think it is a valid workaround. If the cheksum passes, the content is the same.

Under usual circumstances it would take to the fastest/closest repository, that's what the mirrors are for.


Seems back to normal... at least for me


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