Cant access my account after Phone Reset and lost all 2FA

my old username is blitznats i wanted to login and it asks for a the 2FA code the issue is i lost all 2FA's in a phone reset is there a way to recover the account ?


@tmomas Ping

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Do you have 2FA backup codes available?
I don't think it's possible to recover a 2FA protected account without those backup codes.

I'm currently at work, not too much time to investigate this issue. Feel free to do a search in the meantime for "discourse 2FA recovery". Maybe you find something useful. I can investigate further later this day, after work.


thanks for ur feedback take ur time at most its for the bookmarks i kept there

When you had setup 2FA for the OpenWrt forum, you should have gotten 10 or 20 backup codes.
Have you already tried to login with those backup codes?

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i made a screenshot of them if i remember but i didnt find it (currently still searching)

Something you lost and something you forgot :grimacing:

Little late but maybe helpful for the future: If you have (full) control over your phone you should also be able to backup your 2FA (TOTP) App together with the secrets.

Good luck!