Adding TotoLink AC4300 A8000RU to ToH

this device which will be officialy supported in the next stable release, is missing in the ToH page.

i tried to add it myself but it says "Permission Denied"...

Perhaps @tmomas could help here...

You need to be logged in to the wiki to create dataentries and devicepages.

i'm logged in with Github. and once i click i'm logged out. with the permission denied message.

at the bottom of the page it says :

So i'm not allowed, but it's not a problem i can give all the necessary information to someone. Btw is there an easy way to extract from the router everything that is needed to fill the form ?

I thought GitHub logins were disabled because it's a shortcut for wannabe wiki spammers. At least my old GitHub OAUTH login doesn't seem to work anymore, been a while since it did.

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